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醫學生物技術暨檢驗學系 (醫技系)
楊慕華 教授

Muh-Hwa Yang. (楊慕華), M.D., Ph.D.


M.D., National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Ph.D., National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

國立陽明大學臨床醫學研究所 專任教授

國立陽明大學醫學生物技術暨檢驗學系暨研究所 合聘教授

台北榮民總醫院內科部血液腫瘤科 主治醫師





國立陽明大學實驗大樓4302 臨床醫學研究所


Phone: 02-2826-7000 ext. 7911 (Office)
             02-2826-7000 ext. 5561 (Lab)

FAX: 02-2823-5870

Research Interests:

1.      Molecular mechanism of cancer metastasis

2.      Clinical oncology (head and neck cancer)



  • Dr. Ta-Cheng Tung Memorial Award for Basic Cancer Research, Chinese Oncology Society, Taiwan (2009) Distinguished thesis award, Taipei Veterans General Hospital (2009)
  • Ta-Yu Wu Memorial Award, National Science Council, Taiwan (2008)
  • Award of Distinguished Thesis, Tien-Te Lee Biomedical Foundation, Taiwan (2008)
  • Award of Distinguished Research Project, Taiwan Society of Hematology (2005)
  • Award of Distinguished Thesis, Taiwan Society of Hematology (2005, 2009)
  • Award of the Best Research Project, Joint Congress of Oncology Societies of Taiwan (2007, 2009, 2010)


A. Papers of Cancer Biology
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B. Papers of Clinical Oncology
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