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Cheng Huang



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☏ 02-2826-7149 (Office);

02-2826-7000 轉5923 (Lab)


〒 Institute of Biotechnology in Medicine, National Yang Ming University, No. 155, Sec. 2, Linong St., Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2003 - 2007 Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Ph. D.

2000 - 2002 Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, M. S.

1995 - 1999 Department of Medical Technology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, B. S.

2017 - present Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology and Laboratory Science in Medicine, National Yang-Ming University
2015-2017  Associate Research Fellow, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine
2011-2015  Assistant Research Fellow, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine
2009-2011 Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow of NSC (國科會-特約博士後研究學者), Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine  
2007 - 2009 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine
  1. 們的研究在於探討肝炎病毒之生活史及其致病機轉,希望透過對這些病毒之瞭解,能開發治療肝炎病毒之新藥。B型肝炎病毒(HBV)會造成人類肝臟急性或慢性的感染;並伴隨著嚴重的肝臟疾病,例如肝硬化及肝癌。D型肝炎病毒(HDV)會與B型肝炎病毒(HBV)共同感染(co-infection)或重疊感染(super-infection),引起嚴重的慢性肝炎,甚至猛爆性肝炎。我們希望瞭解在B型及D型肝炎病毒感染初期,研究宿主細胞運輸作用參與在B型及D型肝炎病毒生活史中的功能角色,進一步,我們也將研究B型及D型肝炎病毒在宿主細胞上的受體NTCP蛋白與病毒之間的作用關係。透過這個研究,除了有助於B型及D型肝炎病毒致病機轉的了解之外,並且可作為病毒藥物開發的模式。
  2. 目前已知肥胖和胰島素失調與許多疾病間存在關聯性,例如心血管疾病、第二型糖尿病、脂肪肝等等,這類疾病常涉及脂類代謝異常或醣類代謝異常。舉例而言,脂肪肝屬於非酒精性脂肪肝疾病的初始階段,是一種現代人常見的代謝症狀,主要是由脂質代謝失衡所造成。目前已有為數不少的臨床經驗顯示,脂肪肝會導致肝硬化,並且伴隨著脂肪性肝炎及肝壞死等問題的發生。我們的研究在於發展新藥在治療代謝疾病之用途,利用疾病小鼠之模型,希望可以改善多種新陳代謝疾病
  1.     Hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes acute and chronic infections in humans; such infections are often associated with severe liver diseases, including cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Hepatitis delta virus (HDV) causes fulminant hepatitis and progressive chronic liver cirrhosis in patients superinfected or coinfected with HBV. We examined the roles of clathrin-mediated trafficking pathway involved in the life cycle of HBV/HDV. In addition, the receptor on the plasma membrane which is required for the infection of HBV/HDV is NTCP. We have established HBV/HDV infection model in vitro and in vivo. Our model will help us to develop new drugs for treatment of HBV/HDV infection. Our study suggests new strategies for manipulating HBV/HDV for therapeutic purposes in treating disorders associated with liver injury and cirrhosis.
  2.      Obesity and dysregulated insulin action in the liver are strongly associated and are currently a worldwide health problem. Fatty liver, the initial stage of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is a common metabolic symptom, and is caused by an imbalance of lipid metabolism. The purpose of our proposal is to develop drugs for metabolic syndrome. We will design a process of pharmacology experiments for development of new drugs. In addition, we will complete additional safety evaluation for new drugs.

2020 碩士生黃昕 陽明醫技所論文比賽第二名

2020 碩士生江豪、田筱萱 研究成果在Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine發表

2020 碩士生田筱萱 榮獲農委會補助碩士班去紐西蘭參加 The ICBC Conference國際研討會,並發表口頭演講

2020 碩士生田筱萱 研究成果在Journal of Ginseng Research發表

2019 碩士生江豪 研究成果在BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine發表

2019 碩士生江豪、黃昕 研究成果在British Journal of Pharmacology發表

2019 大專生陳柏辛 榮獲科技部大專生專題研究計畫

2019 大專生范雅淇 榮獲科技部大專生專題研究計畫

2019 碩士生江豪、田筱萱 2019穀物國際研討會海報論文競賽第一名金獎

2019 碩士生江豪 陽明大學2019年學術論文比賽優等獎

2019 碩士生江豪 陽明醫技所尹珣若論文比賽獲得全校前9名入圍獎

2019 碩士生江豪 陽明醫技所論文比賽第一名

2018 大專生田筱萱 榮獲科技部大專生專題研究計畫

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