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醫學生物技術暨檢驗學系 (醫技系)

image張泰階 Tai-Jay Chang, Ph.D.




 TEL: 28712121#2681

 E-MAIL: tjchang



   Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Pathology.,  Mt.   Sinai   Medical   School . USA
1993 ~ 1996
   Harvard Medical School
   Harvard Children's Hospital
   Howard Hughes Medical Institute
1997 ~ present
   Assoc., Investigator, Dept. Med. Res. & Edu., Veterans General Hospital-Taipei
1998 ~ present
   Adjunct Assoc. Professor Natl. Yang-Ming Univ. 


Research Interests  

Liver diseases caused by viral infections are common in our country. To facilitate identifying genetic factors contributing to the pathogenesis of common liver diseases of viral origin, we had applied the genetic approaches and set out to systematically analyze category of genes expressed in the liver. The overall objective of the research is to establish a firm basis which genetic materials and information for human liver research can be generated for basic scheme. Large-scale handling of human genetic materials will be established. The major researches will involve in four areas:


1.      Establishment of  hepatoma EST data Bank (http://  

2.      Establishment of  region cancer-related diseases subtraction EST bank and Bioinformatics.  

3.      Functional clarification of nuclear receptors and their cofactors in tumorigenesis 

4.      Transcription factors and gene regulation; differentiation and the cell cycles.

 Oncogenes and cellular growth control; molecular genetic analysis and gene cloning.  


Selected Recent Publications


1.      Chang TJ, Juan CC, Yin PH, Chi CW, Tsay HJ. Up-regulation of beta-actin, cyclophilin and GAPDH in NISI rat hepatoma. Oncology Reports 5:469-471, 1998.

2.      Huang AM, Chang TJ, Cho WL, Chou CK. From mosquito to man: identification of a novel protein kinase, HsHPK, which is highly expressed in human hepatoma tissues. J. Biomed. Sci. 5:135-140, 1998.

3.      Tu TY, Chiu JH, Chang TJ, Yang AH, Lien CF. Expression of Isk protein mRNA in cultured ratstrial marginal cells. Acta Otolaryngol 119:544-549, 1999.

4.      Chen YM, Chen LY, Wong FW, Lee CM, Chang TJ. Genomic structure, expression and chromosomal localization of the human glycine N-methyltransferase. Genomics, 66:43-47, 2000.